Choosing mattress brands is never an easy task, right? We used to let our parents buy any kind of mattress for us back when we were young, but now that you’re an adult doing adult things, you just want everything that caters closely to your specific needs. The chaos of trying to buy a mattress starts from navigating which brands to choose from, then let’s not forget the mattress material, thickness, firmness… and so the list goes on. It is so confusing that it might give you headache. The struggle is real, hence a narrowed-down Best Queen Size Mattress brands in Singapore is a much awaited guide to save the day.

Noa Sleep

Noa Sleep is famously known as this brand is said to be crafted for universal comfort. The company was founded in Canada and its mattress has 15 years warranty. It is evident that Noa Sleep tries to serve only comfort to buyers by the product itself. The mattress has multiple layers of seven different pads, foams and covers which consist of tencel, natural latex, gel infused memory foam, transition foam, pocket springs, base support foam and base cover. It offers free shipping and free returns after 100 nights sleep trial from the comfort of your own home. The balanced firmness are made suitably for different body types and sleeping positions.

Therapedic Singapore

Therapedic was established in 1957 in New Jersey as a mattress factory. They offer mattresses of each size from king, queen and even single mattresses. There are also other collections available in Singapore and one of them is Medicoil HD which uses the heaviest coils, thickest foam and strongest foundations that result in its unbent sturdiness. Also, there are other products like Backsense, Therawrap and Bravura that you may choose according to your sleeping need and preference.


Sealy mattress was established in 1881 and since then has been producing high-end premium beds. The mattress ranges from Sealy are sold in various stores under different names such as Sealy Posturepedic range that includes Palatial Crest, Exquisite, Enhance, Aspire and Hybrid. The superior support of this mattress will definitely be the key selling point of Sealy Posturepedic. It uses Responsive Support Technology which gives you three layers of support right when you lie down. Since Sealy employs scientific knowledge and collaborated with top orthopaedic surgeons, they are able to analyze in-depth how good bed contributes to good sleep.

HipVan Levitate

Levitate is a newly launched brand in 2016 by HipVan that immediately gains itself many loyal customers. According to Drum It Loud this mattress uses premium materials comparable to luxury mattress counterparts except at a cheaper price. It combines the usage of memory foam and latex which then absorbs muscle tension and relieves body aches. LEVITATE excels in plush comfort due to the premium sewn-in pillow top that adds extra comfort. The fabric used has breathable and cooling properties. The firmness is impressive in that it can provide solid spine support.


IKEA is already well-known in most countries in the world and it offers wide range of miscellaneous products including mattress. It’s popular in Singapore due to its mattress price that can get as cheap as $169. For that price, the comfort is not much questioned because it does provide reasonable coziness anyway. They also include spring, foam and latex mattresses to choose from. It is advisable to buy the whole set including bed frame from IKEA itself because the measurement can be more accurate.

So, these are the 5 best queen brands in Singapore that you can consider buying. Each brand offers wide selection, therefore you can weigh in more mattress features while browsing the dedicated mattress stores!


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