The bathroom is one of the spaces that you can redesign, and yet feel like the entire house has received a lift. This is because of the range of fixtures available that can help you recreate the bathroom into a work of art or a room that shows your style. You don’t need to change everything if you don’t want to or feel it is unaffordable. Even getting new accessories that complement one another is enough to make your bathroom layout and design look new and refreshing.

In the following article, Kristy Barratt discusses some of the designs you should or shouldn’t adopt for your bathroom.

Bold Bathroom Design Trends to Follow

“Is your bathroom design lacking? With heaps of bathroom images and inspiration out there, there’s no shortage of modern bathroom ideas or unique bathroom styles to get those creative juices flowing.

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When you decide to redesign your bathroom, get ready to be bolder with the accessories you choose. The fittings for the bathroom are no longer just about how great they function, but their aesthetic appeal also matters. In most cases, the bigger the fixture, the more focal it becomes. If you want to change the wall’s appearance but don’t want to repaint the space, you can choose to use wallpaper. Some designs are bold, while others have a soft appeal. You can choose a design that speaks of your style or go for one that works well with your bathroom accessories.

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Tips on How to Make Your Bathroom Modern

Modern bathroom design is centered around a simple, clean, minimalistic look and feel. Think geometric shapes and patterns, clean lines, minimal colors and mid-century furniture. Your bathroom, large or small, can easily become a luxurious, modern sanctuary for function and relaxation. Since bathrooms are spaces that we use everyday, designing them to suit our personal style is important. From bright and cheery to sophisticated and elegant, these modern bathroom design ideas transform utilitarian spaces into relaxing and refreshing escapes.” Read more here

Before you start buying bathroom accessories and fixtures, you need to determine the style in which you are interested. For example, do you seek a rustic finish, minimalist designs, or ultra-modern designs with some of the most elegant bathroom accessories in the market? Having a style in mind will save you from purchasing items you will not need, or having a bathroom design that doesn’t suit your style or interests.

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Bathroom Designs for Different Budgets

“Looking for bathroom design ideas? Of course you are, that’s why you’re here! Whether you’re making small upgrades, going for a full overhaul, or just daydreaming from your desk, a bathroom renovation can make a big difference in the feel of your home (and your skin-care routine). So it’s no wonder that along with the kitchen, this practical space often takes top priority when it comes time to remodel.

But choosing a brand-new look isn’t always easy, so we’ve gathered an array of bathroom design ideas from the hallowed pages of Architectural Digest and the equally hallowed digital pages of Clever—each filled with inspiring ideas for your own renovation—including relaxing tubs, glamorous vanities, and sleek showers.“ Read more here

Your bathroom makeover can be as minimal or elaborate as you wish. Often, how far you can go depends on the type of transformation you seek, and how much money you have budgeted for the renovation. Often, a bathroom facelift is due when you feel the market has kept changing while your old bathroom has remained the same. Research on the current bathroom trends, find out the price of the various fixtures, and then decide what you can afford to do. There are so many bathroom designs you can find online to guide you on what you can do to transform yours.

Although it is ideal to give your entire bathroom a facelift at once, sometimes this is not possible, especially if you don’t expect to have all the cash you need at once. In this case, you can start making small, inexpensive changes first as you collect fund for the major renovation. It is easier to redesign your bathroom when you take initial steps to recreate this space that starts you off for the day.


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