The first few years of babies are very crucial as far as their wellbeing is concerned including the posture in which he/she sleeps. The selection of a baby pillow is very important for some parents since it defines the head shape as well as the comfortable sleep of a baby.

Singapore market is full of many options available in the range of baby pillows, for ease the article lists down some options to buy from.

  • New born pillow for baby; with Latex type: This baby pillows in Singapore are unique and especially for those parents who are much concerned about the flat heads of their new born. Once the baby removes his/her head from the pillow, pillow keeps the actual head shape intact without causing any change. Apart from this, the softness of the pillow allows the baby to move his/her head from one side to the other. Thus, baby enjoys good sleep on the latex pillow.
  • Breath Breast pillow for Baby in Singapore: As the name indicates, this pillow is perfect for nursing babies and easy for nursing mommies as well. The shape of the pillow is concave which provides maximum support to the baby head while feeding. During the extreme summer in Singapore, a natural latex baby pillow is preferred by many parents because it comes with micro fibres which are made from cooling material and offers cooling effects. So to avoid any heat, this baby pillow is the best choice for parents considering hot weather in Singapore
  • Positioning pillow for babies in Singapore: This baby pillow is made with cotton material which allows air circulation for added support to the baby back, shoulder and head. For a few months old baby, who is ready to move around soon, this pillow can prevent injury. This kind of baby pillow can also be used for changing your baby’s diapers.
  • Lucky baby travel pillow in Singapore: As the name indicates, this kind of baby pillow is specifically designed for travelling purposes so head and the neck gets required support. This pillow can easily be put in the car, and can also be adjusted well in the stroller. For any short or long journey, the pillow provides maximum support to the entire body.
  • Cot Wedge Pillow for babies: For rapidly growing baby, the cot wedge baby pillow is a good option. It comes with adjustable feature which can be moulded as the size of the baby gets bigger. The cover of the pillow can easily be removed for cleaning purposes as well.
  • Super comfort Pillow for lucky babies: This pillow is especially for babies having sensitive skin. It comes with toys which are detachable and can be rested on the pillow as well. For keeping the toys alongside the cot, there is also some extra space.
  • Organic pillow for babies in Singapore: This pillow is made with organic material for providing required support to the neck area and head. It allows comfortable sleep and comes in a shape of elephant, so both sleep and fun for kids.

Above are the few designs of baby pillows in Singapore. It all depends upon the size and age of your baby that you decide which pillow type is your preferred choice.


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