Sleep is the essence to a happy life. Imagine if we are deprived of sleep and our mood for the day will be obviously fouled. Do you know that the comfort of our mattress influences a huge part of our sleeping habit? Yes, that’s correct. Therefore, to get optimum quality sleep at night, we must know which mattress to go for and it is none other than the queen-sized mattress. According to Diffen, by the size, cost, and comfort it provides to sleepers, queen-size wins all the way. Here is why Singapore’s queen sized mattress should be your ultimate choice.


Queen-size is commonly known to be a smaller size of king, however the concept here is not that precise. If we take a uniformed measurement, its length is exactly similar and only the width differs around 42 cm. This size is just perfect for single sleeper who wants some extra space in bed or couples who do not mind to share intimate space all the time. Due to its just-nice size, queen-size mattress can easily fit into a master bedroom or even second or third bedroom in an intermediate-size house. The room size requirement is not that huge to fit in a queen-sized mattress or bed due to it being narrower in width than king-size. That is why choosing queen-size is a better choice as it accommodates you similarly with the king-sized bed. Now, that brings us to the next reason of why we should be choosing queen-size, which is the cost.


When you choose the queen-sized bedding and in that case a queen-size mattress, you will be able to cut cost because the bedding cost much and much cheaper than king-size mattress despite the small difference in width. Since it does not require as much space, you can rent cheaper room or house that is reasonable to accommodate the average-size bed. According to GhostBed, queen-size mattress does not require too many accessories for instance additional pillows. Only two or three are enough as it is smaller in nature. Here, you can just buy a few pillows without feeling that your bed will be too spacious or empty. Also, this size has hit its peak popularity in the US when mattress market record showed that it is the most favoured size by the Americans. Due to the popularity, the bedding accessories for queen-size mattress can be easily found in the market as they are widely distributed to meet demand.

Comfort and coziness

Another reason why queen-size mattress should be your choice is because of its irresistible coziness. Beds should not take up way too much space in your room as it will make you uncomfortable in some areas. Therefore, getting a queen-size will give you quintessential balance of bed and other movable space. As stated by Sleep Advisor, comfort may be a personal preference of a person but if you love the size and your room size is perfect, then go for it.

All in all, queen-size really brings a lot of advantages to those who are buying it. We can cut cost and opt for cheaper ones but also attain full comfort in that perfect mattress size.


Robert Cook is a 25-year-old health centre receptionist who enjoys binge-watching boxed sets, helping old ladies across the road and playing card games. He is stable and reliable, but can also be very pessimistic and a bit grumpy.