Kickstarter has provided a platform for potential entrepreneurs who are creative and have viable business ideas but need help raising financing for the project. Unfortunately, not every business idea is successfully launched on the site. You have to take steps to ensure your campaign gets the audience and backing it needs to take off. 

Your project needs to be approved

Although Kickstarter is open to anyone with a business idea, the management must approve your idea before it is posted on the site. This is done primarily to maintain the authenticity of the site and ensure only those with vested interests in ensuring product success get access to those willing to support them. 

The backers of the various Kickstarter backpack bags for travel campaigns do so because the site is professionally run. Even though there are no guarantees that the said project will move on as planned, at least the ideas behind the campaign are treated as authentic before being posted. 

Kickstarter mainly looks for innovations that will provide solutions to some of the problems that consumers encounter. If your product draws the attention of those facing a particular challenge, your Kickstarter campaign will most likely be approved. 

Set the funding goal and work towards reaching it

Once your Kickstarter travel bag project is approved, you need to set a target of how much you need and within what period. For example, $50,000 over two months. This amount is not arbitrary. It needs to be based on facts. How much do you need to get this project off the ground? Asking for more than you need could scare off backers or may keep you from meeting your target within the period you have set. 

If you fail to meet your target within the specified time frame, your project will not get the funding, and potential donors will not be able to contribute. If you reach your goal or exceed it, you will receive the funds and go ahead with the project. 

Posting your campaign on Kickstarter will not be enough to get you the funds you require. You will need to actively go out of your way to promote the travel bag and its features on your social network. If you have immense following and support on social media platforms, Kickstarter will readily respond to your request. The possibility of getting financial support is higher when your followers back your project. 

Regularly send updates to campaign backers

It doesn’t matter how much you have been able to raise within the first few days or weeks of the project. It would be best if you keep updating your current and potential backers. This is one way of ensuring you meet or exceed your funding target. Send out newsletters to discuss exciting occurrences or possibly challenges that you have encountered. 

Your updates will show your authenticity and hunger to fulfill your business ambition. Some backers are looking out for travel bag campaigns that are genuine and more likely to succeed before pledging their support. 

Kickstarter has hundreds of travel bag campaigns, and you need to be as unique as possible to draw the attention of enough backers for your project. Having a simple layout that is easy to understand, and your transparency about the production is likely to help you have a successful campaign and brand of travel bags in the long run. 


Robert Cook is a 25-year-old health centre receptionist who enjoys binge-watching boxed sets, helping old ladies across the road and playing card games. He is stable and reliable, but can also be very pessimistic and a bit grumpy.