Travel backpacks are of interest to many people launching Kickstarter campaigns in Singapore. This is probably because of the versatile nature of backpacks, which can be used for travel, work or school. 

The demand for backpacks will always be high, as long as people keep moving from one destination to another, whether for a few days or several weeks. Even when one has other travel bags, carrying a backpack makes sense because it can be used for easy access to items you need to use regularly, including your phone, camera, passport, or wallet. 

Innovators and entrepreneurs are betting on having greater success at designing backpacks over other items. This is evident in the backing the various Kickstarter campaigns get for the great innovations. For example, Bobby Bizz Backpack raised more than $500,000 and is seen as a great business backpack. 

Spacious internal storage

The different backpacks offer various storage options. This feature attracts backers to participate in travel backpack Singapore Kickstarter campaigns. Consumers are always looking for backpacks that offer more space, and those that have compartments are even more acceptable, especially for people carrying sensitive items like cameras. 

Anti-theft properties

While backpacks are convenient for carrying some of your precious possessions when moving around, the risk has been a challenge since anyone can open the zipper and get anything from the bag without your notice. This is especially common when you are in a crowded area. 

Entrepreneurs and innovators with Kickstarter campaigns have introduced designs that make it harder for thieves to get easy access into your backpack. One of the popular design options is removing the zipper from the side or front of the backpack and putting it on the part that lies on your back. This makes it more difficult for anyone to get into your bag without you knowing it. 

The other popular anti-theft feature involves the use of an anti-cut material when making the backpack. While many thieves gain access to the valuables in your backpack through the zipper, others cut the fabric. Having hidden zippers and an anti-cut material encourages more people to buy the backpack. 

Comfortable padded straps

For a long time, backpacks had thin straps, which became uncomfortable when the backpack is heavy. This is a feature many backpack Kickstarter campaigns focus on because it is critical for most, if not all, backpack buyers. Having a padded shoulder pad reduces the strain you feel, especially when you have to carry your backpack all day. 

Adequate cushioning to protect your valuables

People who move around with their laptops, tablets, or even cameras want a backpack that can protect them from damage, especially if there is a possibility of the bag being knocked over. Some Kickstarter Singapore innovators have chosen to provide extra cushioning for regular backpacks so that they can be used for multiple items, rather than only providing this feature for laptop backpacks.

Some even provide compartments with the additional cushioning in between to allow you to carry multiple items without worrying about them rubbing against one another, resulting in scratched surfaces. 

If you frequently use backpacks and wish to start a campaign for backpacks, it is easy to come up with features people need because you understand what your current backpacks lack. As more people opt to work remotely, it has become increasingly necessary to have a multi-purpose backpack for work and travel that is comfortable to carry and ideal for all the items you need to carry with you. 


Robert Cook is a 25-year-old health centre receptionist who enjoys binge-watching boxed sets, helping old ladies across the road and playing card games. He is stable and reliable, but can also be very pessimistic and a bit grumpy.