Sometimes kids are born with normal head shape and others with different head shape. Sometimes parents need to work hard in adjusting the shape of their young ones to a normal well-rounded shape. When the shape of the skull is changed, an irreversible condition called plagiocephaly develops which is quite dangerous towards the development of the baby mental growth. It happens when babies are made to sleep on the hard surface where no baby pillows are bought for them. Once this damage is done, it is not possible to reverse. Thus, parents in Singapore are concerned these days as far as selecting the right kind of pillows for babies are concerned.

If you are looking for a baby pillow in Singapore, read on to find out more!

Why select the Rice Baby Pillow?

Few decades old, for getting perfect shape of baby head, parents would make baby pillows at home by filling them with rice or sometimes with beans. Though the concept is very old, still many parents prefer a pillow filled with beans or rice for keeping under the head of their babies. Since these fillings are easily moulded when baby sleeps on them so head never gets any permanent shape. Also there is no fear of baby sleeping on hard surface etc.

Benefits of using Rice Baby Pillows:

  • Parents need not fear the flat head syndrome
  • When the baby lift or elevate head, his colic issues is much relieved
  • The popular aromatherapy is easily addressed with these pillow types
  • The head shape of the baby with these pillow become beautiful and perfect
  • The startle effects of the baby is much reduced with rice pillows
  • Considering temperature of the Singapore, such pillow can easily be heated or cooled as per the requirement.

Mimos Pillows for baby:

To address the cranial deformities emerging in any baby, mimos pillows are used. When the baby sleeps, the weight and pressure of the body lays on the head. Also small babies sleep for long time thus they need comfortable and easy sleep. There is also a risk of suffocation for smaller babies when they sleep especially during night time. To ensure safety of babies while sleep, such pillows are the perfect choice for most parents.

The fabric used in the making of mimos baby pillows is mesh, which reduces the weight of the body on the pillows to 40 percent during sleep. These pillows are medically proven and have been designed by neurosurgeons, doctors and physiotherapist for ensuring easy sleep of young ones. Baby pillows should be used at least for 6 months after the birth of the baby. Many practitioners recommend using the pillows when the child is born to the time when he/she reaches 6 months old.

These two are yet another baby pillows ideas and types being used by parents in Singapore and in different countries as well. You need to see what people have to say about each type and which one is recommended for babies.


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