A trip to a bedding showroom must leave us wondering why there are so many mattress sizes out there. From the mattress for toddlers’ crib to super king size, why can’t it be one-size-fits-all for every person? According to The Better Sleep Council, each mattress size should fit different needs and situations. Let’s see how the sizes facilitate sleeping and sleepers in comparison with Singapore’s king size mattresses. Learn more about queen size mattresses in Singapore here.

Cribs and mattress sizes for kids

Of course, we usually put an infant in the crib in its first few months after birth instead of sharing bed with them. This is to avoid unwanted accident because infants are still too fragile. Crib-size mattress is needed at this stage. But once the baby starts to grow bigger by the years, it is not unusual for Asian parents to co-sleep with their children. During this time, king-size bed would be perfect because it provides maximum personal sleeping space for everyone. Better sleep means better growth and intelligence for children, and higher quality rest for the parents. It can also avoid toddlers from falling off the bed, which could result in unfortunate injuries.

Guest room or sharing beds

Bigger than crib’s mattress is twin mattress and twin XL, which is taller than regular twin. Usually this mattress is spared for guestroom or bunkbed, resting bed during daytime or school dormitories. Although it is suitable for growing children who are becoming teenagers, for home usage twins are usually not considered long-term, unless you have real space constraint. Even with space problem, it is always better to choose bigger mattress especially if the children are sharing bedroom with their siblings. We can always consult the sellers or their delivery service to know how the kings can fit into our smaller size bedrooms.

Singles and doubles

Next in line is full-size bed for single sleeper and queen-size mattress for couples. Full-size bed is not recommended for couples, because it will only provide crib-size space for each sleepers and the length is not suitable for full-grown adults. Even younger children are now using full-size beds because parents want to make long-term investment where they do not need to change bed size too often. Queen-size is considered suitable for couples who want enough sleeping space, but at the same time want to have extra bedroom space for other activities.

Carefully weigh the pros and cons for the next ten or twenty years by dividing the price of a king-size mattress now with every less-disturbed nights ahead. Even though a queen is more powerful on a chessboard, when it comes to mattresses, a luxurious king of 76” x 80” with an affordable price tag can make a big difference in our sleeping patterns, contributing to a healthier lifestyle. Another king-size option is called California king, which is taller by 4 extra inches.

In conclusion, if we are looking for valuable long-term investment, king-size mattresses should be seriously considered for our bedrooms.


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