Although many consumers assume that the price determines the quality of any product, this is not always true. Some of the major brands often have sales, where the price of some of their products are available at relatively low prices. Many buyers take advantage of the discounted sales to purchase bathroom accessories and products that were once considered unaffordable to create their dream bathroom design.

Even though it is important to look at price to determine the authenticity of a bathroom accessory, it is equally important to look at other factors. They include a warranty, the store where the products are sold, and customer reviews.

The following article in shows some of the reviews that some bathroom accessory manufacturers have received, with the writer giving tips on how to identify an authentic bathroom accessories store.

How to Identify Sellers of Genuine Bathroom Accessories

“Singapore Kitchen and Bathroom Fixture Retailers and Installers

“Good customer service and products . Price range is reasonable too , will definitely look for bath edition again for my future house”


Singapore Kitchen and Bathroom Fixture Retailers and Installers

“A very stylish and versatile product, Alusplash aluminium backsplash is one of our focus and popular products. With their partnership and support, we received many interested homeowners who decide to try out this material as compared to the usual glass or acrylic backsplash. Especially, the Arctic white and Space silver are the hot selling colours as the light toned panels brighten the kitchen and give a clean look for the kitchen, bathroom or even vanity areas!” Read more here

When trying to find a supplier for bathroom accessories, you first need to identify professionals selling genuine and trusted products. Find out how long the store has been in existence. A store that has been selling bathroom appliance likely has the experience and expertise at guiding you when making your selection. You should also ask if the store offers installation services. Some stores even offer this option as after-sales service for the customers.

The following article by Domenica Tan offers tips on how to buy bathroom accessories to avoid purchasing something you will not use.

Tips to Follow to Ensure You get Authentic Bathroom Accessories

“When it comes to the refurbishment of an existing bathroom or designing of a new one, there are many things to consider, including the types of bath products to buy.

What should you look out for when buying bath accessories like showerheads? Will they fit into the stylish design of your bathroom? We answer some of these questions:

What should I do before shopping for bath products?

Check the condition of your bathroom so you buy models that fit well, and prevent any unnecessary purchase of unsuitable products.” Read more here

What should I do before shopping for bath products?

Check the condition of your bathroom, so you buy models that fit well, and prevent any unnecessary purchase of unsuitable products.” Read more here

When buying bathroom accessories, once you have decided where you will purchase the items you need, you should ensure you are receiving authentic products. Some companies brand their fixtures and accessories, so it will be easier for you to identify the brand that works best for. Alternatively, instead of visiting one sow room to the next, you can buy online. Some stores offer great rates for online purchases. However, it would be best if you found out the company’s return policy should you feel the need to return your purchases.

In the following article, Asih Jenie gives tricks you can use to make your bathroom look and feel as good as a spa does.

Tricks for Turning Your Bathroom into a Spa

“From hi-tech bathtubs and shower systems to sleek features and accessories, these products will provide all the pampering treats to soothe your muscles and turn your bathroom into a private spa sanctuary.

“The bathroom is no longer just a hygiene and functional space of yester years but it is becoming a space that fulfils emotional desires,” says Isabelle Oh, senior marketing executive for Hansgrohe, “It is a living space for rejuvenation and quality me-time. People are looking for a story of their own to tell in this area.” 

From bath tubs and shower systems to steam cabins and accessories collections, here’s a round-up of the latest bathroom offerings for that home spa experience.” Read more

Did you know that you can change your bathroom into your little spa? You only need to ensure you get all the bathroom fixtures and accessories you need to create the right ambience. The next time you go to the spa, find out what it is you like about the place. Even though you don’t have as much space as the spa, you can still decorate it elegantly. Use the finishes of some of the bathroom fittings to improve your bathroom and turn it into a Spa tastefully. 

Rarely will you find yourself replacing bathroom fittings and accessories because they are often made from high-quality products. It is best to see if the brand and quality of products are correct. You can do this by confirming that the brand is imprinted on the bathroom accessories. You should also find out from your friends and family where they get some of their bathroom fixtures.


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